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On our most recent six days trip to Dandeli we decided to visit the astonishing karla caves located in the heart of Dante Levi’s life century Pavlik is is known for a naturally formed shivling formed from the deposits of limestone, and which just couldn’t wait to explode this gem of a location we started early at 4:30 a.m. from the Haunted Riverside resort where we were staying towards the Kogi Nature Camp after collecting the permit from the Forest Department we headed towards the entry point for the century which is around eight to nine kilometers from the office we hopped into the Jeep provided by the Forest Department along with a guide, and made our way into the Century the jeep took us 4 kilometers inside the century, and there came a point beyond which vehicles were not allowed from there we walked for 4 kilometers on the way we were lucky enough to spot wild boar tears, and a variety of birds to reach the caves we had to further climb down 540 steps there is a temple at the entrance of the cave with an idol of nanda jie facing the entrance of the cave which otherwise remains closed, and opens only when there are people visiting the caves the cave is over 40 feet in depth the passages narrow, and one needs to crawl inside there are bulbs.

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But they are lit only during shivratri festival when thousands of people visit the caves for the rest of the time one has to carry flashlights after reaching half Kawai we finally saw the naturally formed Shiv link which is around 4 feet in height, and roughly 3 to 4 feet in diameter the texture of the shiva linga surface resembles Rudraksh beads there is an other shaped stone formed over the ship link from which water trickles all the time towards the right of the ship link is an idol of Lord Ganpati, and Lord Brahma though we are not sure reverse Lord Rama or Lord Karthik is Idol please let us know in the comments down below on the left side of the ship link is ma Parvati’s idol after having the darshan, and meditating for some time we came out to the other half Bay the caves are inhabited by numerous snakes, and bats formed by volcanic activity ages back the caves have a lot of starlight formations it is believed that these caves have been in existence since the prehistoric times we spend some time outside the caves soaking in the scenic view there was a lot of steps climbing, and walking ahead of us. So we decided to have some sandwiches, and water that we carried with us, and then made our way back to the camp you will love this place it’s worth visiting cobbler gives the naturally formed Shiv link is a miracle of nature, and should not be missed don’t forget to carry water bottles, and some food the four kilometers tracking, and 540 steps to, and fro can get tiring it’s better to stay hydrated avoid bright colors, and stick to muted shades of greens Gray’s, and grounds we’re comfortable walking shoes that offer a good grip rate this post with a thumbs up if you liked it, and to comment the blog for more posts thanks for reading you.

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