Kid Friendly Fountains and Squares Tour of Rome

Some of the main tourist attractions in Rome are: the fountains and the squares. So what better way to see them then on a family friendly tour? So this tour is really educational and kid friendly.

Kid Friendly Fountains and Squares Tour of Rome Photo Gallery

Get them engaged and keep them occupied while we’re walking through the streets. Yay! So now we’ve arrived at the Pantheon. Which used to be temple back in the day and now it’s actually a church. There’s a lot of tombs inside of famous Italian people; like the painter Raphael and Queen Margherita. Who Margherita pizza was actually named after.

I love these walking tours ’cause you really get emersed in the Roman architecture and all the old buildings. It’s absolutely stunning. As you admire the fountains and Piazza’s you’re guide would tell kid friendly stories about the history of the Roman architecture and the city itself. We’re in the Piazza Navona and behind me is a fountain that’s sculpted by Bernini. It has four different statues surrounding it.

Which represent four different rivers. One in Africa, in Germany, India and Brazil. We’ve arrived at the Trevi Fountain. The legend has it, if you throw the coin over your shoulders into the fountain, don’t turn around to look in the water or the wish won’t come true. This small group tour of the fountains and squares in Rome was so informative and engaging for the children. They had so much fun Yeah! and so did I.

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