Road Trip to Game of Thrones Territory Northern Ireland Documentary

Hello and welcome from Northern Ireland! My name is Steve & my name is Kristin. Today we’re going to take you on a very special road trip. Winter is coming! You know nothing. Of course we start our discovery in the north and instead of horses we took the bikes to come to the Tollymore Forest. All of the scenes that were shot in the first seasons north of the wall were done here. The Tollymore Forest Park covers an area of hectares at the foot of the Mourne Mountains. Oakwood from Tollymore was the preferred material for the interiors of the White Star Liners including the famous Titanic which was build in Belfast. With our guide James we explored the locations where the Starks found the dire wolf pups. As well as the spots of the Wildling camp and the haunted forest itself. After a short drive from Tollymore we stopped at the river Quoile which was featured as the location of “The Twins”, the seat of the House of Frey. Afterwards we went to Inch Abbey where Rob was declared “King in the north” in the season finale of season. We finished day at the Cuan in Strangford where the owners Peter and Caroline shared some insights from the shootings which took place at nearby Castle Ward. Over a period of weeks we had the principle actors stay with us. Our two children really enjoyed it, of course they were able to bring Selfies back to their Drama teachers.

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Castle Ward was able to be adapted and adjusted and used freely by GoT without too much intrusion from the general public. The site that they used for Robs camp is at the end of a public road. Even though they had big sets there and lighting it was relatively hidden from the public eye. They where relatively undisturbed. When you see it on TV and you know the exact location it adds more specialness to it! Next Spot is Castle Ward and this is a really important posting location. This is basically where all the Winterfell shots were posted and as you can see we are about to try your hands at archery Your archery skills have been found wanting and I, Lady of Winterfell, send you to death. Today we’re driving from scene to scene so this is right place to introduce you to our guide Phil. He also drove the crew. Right now we’re at the place where they actually shot scenes where you see Winterfell sitting on top of a mountain. That’s right! They CGI’d in to the top of the mountian here on the right. So basically when Jon Snow goes to the wall and Ned Stark goes to King’s Landing and they look back at Winterfell they look back to that place. Just over here it was where Ned Stark beheads one of the guys from the Nights Watch. On top of it we have where Brienne and Podrick were in season. following Sansa Stark and Petyr Baelish. Just down here.

After a short stop at the Steensons workshop who designed the jewelery for Game of Thrones we drove a along the coast to the place where Melisandre gave birth to the shadow assassin in season. Murlough Bay was our final stop of Day. Here Theon Greyjoy rides on the horse with his sister Yara in season. It is also the spot where Davos is shipwrecked after the battle of Blackwater Bay. The amount of shooting locations led us to the question “Why did northern ireland get picked for the shooting?” Well originally they didn’t choose Northern Ireland, actually they chose Scotland. But there were a few problems with the posting there and when they decide to post a second pilot. they ended up using Northern Ireland because of the large post studios they now have build for GoT at Titanic studios in Belfast. Along with that they have a beautiful landscape here in which they can post this medieval series. Although it hasn’t been featured yet we decided to start day by visiting the Giant’s Causeway and drove along the beautiful Causeway Coastal route to get to the next game of Thrones spot. The stunning Ballintoy Harbour has been used for exterior Pyke shots and as the Iron Islands. This is where Theon arrived at the islands and got baptized. Just around the corner from the famous tourist attraction “Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge” you can find the location where Brienne beats Ser Loras and is given a place in Renlys Kings guard as a reward. On the final day of our road trip we went to Portstewart Strand which has been used as Dorne in season. One of the most iconic locations is right next door: Downhill beach and Musenden Temple which has been iluminated and transformed into Dragonstone in season. Welcome to the iconic Dark Hedges. This is where Arya Stark made her escape from King’s Landing. Here we will be ending our road trip. and if you want to replicate our trip and if you want to find out more about all the spots we visited you can check the website which we link below. If you like the post be sure to share with your friends and don’t forget to comment to this blog Valar morghulis Valar dohaeris! I would encourage the world to come and enjoy the wonderful locations shown. Sleep in King Roberts bedroom, enjoy the food stuff they enjoyed over a number of weeks!

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