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There is a fair amount of Hotels available. Everyone will find what he is looking for. From Budget traveling towards Ultra comfortable 5 Star Resorts. So whatever level of comfort you desire, on whatever beach you prefer, you will for sure find a place to stay!

Trip advisor already lists 74 Hotels plus 45 Guesthouses resulting in a total of almost 120 places for accommodation.

We recommend using Trip advisor to select the Hotel of our choice. Trip advisor allows selecting star categories, price ranges and many other options to quickly show you the best option available for your desire.

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It was in this location a couple of years ago that an 18th century ship’s bell was found: it was badly crushed and had no name on it but it could nonetheless have been from one of the ships wrecked in the Great storm. A number of boulders and rocks on a steep sloping bottom from 6 metres down to 20 metres plus and a rather boring dive, lacking in marine life. An old ship’s anchor has lain jammed in a gully on the top of Big Harcar for many years. How it got there was a complete mystery to me until a few years ago. A good friend of mine told me that he and some of his colleagues had raised it with lifting bags, because they believed it to be the actual anchor from the wreck of the Forfarshire. They had intended to present it to the Grace Darling Museum at Bamburgh, but their transport did not arrive to take it ashore and it weighed so much that they had no other way of removing it from the rock. It has now gone and I was told that a helicopter had picked it up and dropped it off at the museum. Underwater, this is another rather boring dive site with very little of interest. There is very little current near to the island, which has a small cliff face running along it but very few holes or crevices. Depth to the stony seabed, close to the base of the island, is around 6-7 metres.

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