Like any major city, Boston seems to have a liquor store on every other block. It’s virtually impossible to see them all and compare them; many succeed out of convenience rather than price anyway. There are a few which stand out, though. Nearly all are open from 9 a.m. to 11 P.M. Mondays through Saturdays.

Boyle’s Buy-Rite Liquors

• 2440 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 354-1000

Always some high-quality wines on special sale.

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The ship was damaged, although no blame was attached to the steamer, but she was out of action for 45 days. In 1880, Nelson, Donkin and Co. London was the owners and Captain Watson the master. In 1881, she had the same owners with the Official No.77012 and designated code recognition signal letters: RBNC. At between 0100 hrs and 0200 hrs on 21 March 1881, the Shadwan was involved in a collision in the River Thames with the Russian schooner Nora. Both vessels were being towed by tugs, the Shadwan being towed down the north side by the steam tugs Contest and Lioness. The owners of the Russian schooner took legal action against the steamer’s owner Nelson, Donkin and Co. but the court found in favour of the Shadwan, because the tug towing the Nora did not take proper precautions. From 1886, the registered owner was Duncan and Co. and Captain John Willis was the master until she was wrecked. The Shadwan crossed the Atlantic a number of times, being seen in Philadelphia and New York; she also visited many European and Mediterranean ports on her voyages. On 27 July 1888, the Shadwan had arrived at Greenock following a voyage from Barcelona to Pretoria, according to Lloyd’s Shipping Intelligence. Register ofAmerican and Foreign Shipping, 1857-1900; Miramar Ship Index; Starke/Schell. The wreck is orientated in an ENE to WSW direction, with the bow to the ENE. It is upright, but totally broken up and largely buried, covering an area of 31 metres in length by 7 metres across, with the highest part standing no more than 1.8 metres and surrounded by large reefs. The starboard side is collapsed outwards, while the port side is collapsed inwards. The single boiler is well broken up on its side, next to the engine, which also lies over on its side. A four-bladed screw is also visible amongst the wreckage.

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