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Lisbon, and its Renaissance architecture is known as the white city. Because the buildings were built with limestone. This is the tower.

I told you that, it’s what the conquistadores they used to land after these long trips the Tower of the land what is nil, it’s a symbol of the city, it’s impressive units impressive you know what is the guy did at the th century remarkable what they could build in the old days compare what we have now. I have a son that’s an architect. And so I’m interested in architecture we are going to seek closer.

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So let your on still insisting sender they have this one the place will be going to go, it’s a diverse important cake shop, and keep talking up lick called Custer’s Doubilet this pastry was invented here in the monastery the recipe comes out of the monastery the secret old an unwritten recipe is known only by the cake shops three employees, and owners their policy never travel together nor eat from the same dish someone must survive to keep the recipe alive. I love the people here, and a lot of people speak English, it’s right here the people are very kind that’s what. I’m interested in more than anything is seeing other people, and their culture.

So it was o’clock in the evening in the day th of November my wife entered the hospital at lunchtime, and at midnight. I was at home when she called me, and said come yoga is coming we spent the entire night. I was with her and I ceased to the do goes birth, and the first memory.

I have it is to have that little thing in my arms and I imagine. This is a part of me was something that was amazing. I was used to have a very social life with my wife we went to a lot of times to the movies to the theatres going out for for dinners going out for nightclubs with our friends, and everything changed but every little time that.

I just look at his face smiling and I never forget the first time he said to me Papa. I think. I just melt her as time goes on more, and more.

I’m appreciating to be his dead. I grew up in this neighborhood where. I am now, it’s called bull a very quiet place in this old th century quarter of Lisbon we are near the river we have the sun shining the water the monuments, and it was the right place for me to be raised.

I could play outside with my friends we could play some football here soccer, and something that in our days, it’s starting to disappear we ever afraid to let our kids to come outside my son passes most part of his time closing doors he doesn’t have this freedom that. I had when I was a kid a normal day in my life when.

I’m not working. I get out of my house around nine o’clock. I take my son to school, and then.

I go here to the neighborhood my mother lives to have breakfast with her my blood family you know where dice is just my mother that’s why. I try to spend most of my free time with her. So that she won’t feel alone.

So usually. I go with her to the traditional coffee shop where everybody knows my name but. I know the name of everybody we can get in touch, and talk about as about life about things since my father died and I left home she lives on their own, and she’s my best friend, and these minutes less spent of my day with her, it’s just good to keep warm this relationship that we develop.

I have a disease called diabetes that’s a disease that we can live with it but. I need to do exercise. So whenever.

I can. I love to walk around the facial river or in sunshine you guys like to one today you can see the people just going through makes me feel good, it’s good for my health and I really enjoyed it, it’s more than an obligation is something that gives me pleasure my parents gave me a traditional Catholic education but always with the freedom of religion but. I enjoy that that kind of education not over protecting me allowed me to fall whenever it was necessary innovate various let’s let me stand up by my own means without that overprotection they gave me freedom to to be responsible for my acts but always being there just in case if.

I didn’t, it’s a challenge being a parent is a challenge every day my son now is six years old, and it starts to interact a lot with me, and when I’m away is always asking my wife when is daddy arriving. Because we miss it.

I’m a little afraid. Because life is changing. So much you mean Portugal a lot of this young generation easy parting to other countries living Portugal and I’m afraid for my son.

I don’t know what the future expects to him. I think we have a lot of opportunities here but we need to go for them we need to find them if there’s something that. I want there’s something at a dream.

I I do my girls do to achieved it, and became that dream come true, and that’s what happened in my life, and that. I hopes that will happen to my son, and to these future generation of Portuguese we don’t see buildings like this there are hundreds of years old with the balconies, and the old architecture the history the history of this country this land the civil wars the food the music the dance the art, it’s all giving me goosebumps. I think.

I could live here. I think. I want to live here variety truly is the spice of life. How might Spain, and Portugal season yours.

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