Hey guys we currently in the capital of Cambodia, and we are on a history to our learning about some sad things that happened here like about the communism, and about the wars that happened here, and we’re currently going to check out a killing field where many people died I really enjoy going on like history tours. Because in Australia our diversity of history it’s quite poor like we really learn about our indigenous people then if you want to learn about like British Nazi or Americans you have to do it is like an optional like in school in school yeah, and especially if you want to learn about like a small country such as Cambodia that’s not going to happen I wasn’t even aware about any of this until we’ve come in the 70s over three million people were executed across the killing fields across Cambodia you’re saying there’s around 300 killing like one, and a half million were killed in their killing fields, and then the other one, and a half million died of starvation during those years the poi is during the Communist years this is insane it was in the 70s this happened closer than like the Nazi regime to 2018, and I didn’t know anything about it like this is so interested I guess that’s the main main reason why you like come to these countries as well.

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Because you learn so much history you never would have learned like mmm I know sir there’s nothing better learning history than actually go in, and learning it’s fascinating this is one of the survivors from this prison totally this had a super eye opening morning it was an interesting thing like the prisons, and hearing history, and all that it was very somber morning. But we are now trying to you know bring up the mood we’re going out to learn, and tonight it’s going to be super interesting. Because we’re gonna be going out into the rural areas of Cambodia, and having a homestay which means we’re actually going to be sleeping in someone’s home they’re letting us come in, and sleep literally we’ll probably have like a little thin mattress, and a little pillow, and I think we just have a mosquito net around us.

Living With Locals In Thailand

So we’re super interesting currently packing a quick little bag. Because the house is so small that we can’t we’ll bring our luggage in there, and try, and get organized for that wish us luck trying to get through all that luggage, and then we’re gonna go, and have lunch, and then head on down very going place called Cham boy temple I should look into that I think sketch, and Bach we’re going to that’s reals away from the Capitol oh. So ready for lunch decided to go for Italian meal in Cambodia the mayor thank you without each other all right we’ve done a quick stop outside of the pin on pen.

Living Like A Local

So that we miss the traffic who’s come to like a little a local mom-and-pop shop to try, and get some snacks very healthy got myself an energy drink to get me through some editing. But otherwise very cheap cheap in lots alcohol a study like this today yeah thank you oh my gosh to have cute puppies to just arrived at our home state for the night we pretty much have to travel like an hour off the beaten track like just down this bumpy road, and this is pretty much where we’re going to be staying for the night chickens running around this is our homestay we’ve got the couple’s honeymoon abode some cars just enough front yard this is this way we’re staying for the night yeah wow this is awesome this is so nice thank you it scoops just like a mattress, and a mosquito net. So with a mixture of like a car battery, and some solar panels to give us electricity tonight some fans which is gonna be a godsend. But this is really cool I did not expect us to be doing this here at a local village I think this is going to be the highlight of the trip buck is like super emotional after learning all the things that happened only just like 40 years ago this morning, and then coming here, and seeing like you know a community.

Living Like A Local In Paris

So happy, and the kids playing, and stuff like that we’re just going for a little bit of a walk around Chum box village having a look at all the different houses hopefully at the end of this walk we end up at dinner have you ever seen count do that before. So just come to a place called the woman restaurant which is run by local women in the community they all take it in turns, and they go, and go to the markets collect the food, and then they prep, and then they cook it for us, and yeah we’re really just gonna get a nice community made meal for dinner this is incredible yes it cook it by fire room that’s not cool.

So this is the kitchen we’ve got here as preparing our me oh this is awesome what’s happening hi you need to catch your dinner that is literally farm-to-table what did you do to Terrance the free-range it can be good touch free range arranging, and we make it with coca-cola it cool oh my goodness that meal was incredible I am so unbelievably full. But now some of the local kids in the community are going to put on a bit of a traditional dad show for us. So that should be a good way to end the night goodnight.

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