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This post I’m doing one of the most British things you can possibly do. I’m going for afternoon tea. I’m sitting in the Grosvenor Hotel, which is this very fancy, kind of posh place. And I’ve just been poured my tea, so I’m having a very proper experience right now. I think it’s something which is uniquely British, so it’s something quite nice for people to be a part of it from wherever they come from all over the world. Delicious. Afternoon tea items. So you start with little sandwiches, and then you have some scones, and then you’ll finish off with some delicate cakes and pastries.

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There is so much food here I don’t even know where to start, but I think I’m going to go for a desert first. This is real honey, with the honeycombs and everything inside. I’m not sure this is the proper way to do this, but I’m having the sweets first and the savory last. Now it’s time for my sandwich. This has been a fantastic and lovely way to spend an afternoon. Very peaceful and very tasty.

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London Historical Pub Walking Tour

This post I’m really excited because we’re going on a bit of an adventure to discover some of London’s most historic pubs and alehouses. Let’s go! I absolutely love this. Walking down cobbled streets and through little alleyways and discovering the nooks and crannies that you would never usually know about, it’s fantastic. When it’s a cold day outside there is actually nothing better than to come into a traditional pub, have a sip of beer, and warm up by the toasty fire.

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I love it. The coolest thing about this tour is that you get to learn about some of London’s history on the way. If you’re wondering where Shakespeare used to drink and also perform his plays before he opened The Globe, I found the place. I’ve just found what looks like the original sign from 1676. Now that is absolutely incredible. I really love how this is a small group walking tour because it makes it a really personal experience. I’ve really enjoyed this tour.

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I’ve learnt a lot more about parts of London I didn’t know, and really enjoyed the beer. So we’re at the last pub now, we’ve had a fantastic day. We’ve tasted beers, learnt about the history of London. And we’ve also done a little bit of sightseeing too. So now, I’m gonna go for my final pint. All that’s left to say is, cheers.

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