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Paris France the City of Light suitably named for its exploration of new ideas during the Age of Enlightenment with a little extra time here what could you discover perhaps a visit to the Palais Gagne or a ride through the city as the locals do under, and above the surface on the Metro in a city with two, and a quarter million residents Paris’s Metro allows the visitor to feel the pulse of the city with railways stretching miles, and stations from the Eiffel Tower to the Latin Quarter situated on the left bank of the Seine River the Latin Quarter is abuzz with locals meeting in cafes, and in the traditional French restaurants called Brasserie.

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I like river koozie as opposed to losing you see people living their lives on them besides our River Asia sail the boat is small enough that you get to know that other people that are true the river cruise is. So much more leisurely time to relax there is time in the afternoon, and yet there’s enough activity, and interest to still keep one involved you.

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