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Cheerio, welcome to London. We are in a happening city and I cannot wait to cruise around and head outside. Check outside some castles, and of course Stonehenge. And I’m really excited to dive into the history of rock ‘n’ roll music, and have a little afternoon tea. A little cup of tea, little cup of tea. But there’s a lot to see here, and in order to do it we need to head out right now. London is one of those cities that just gives you energy.

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You see these black cabs everywhere in London, but actually to get in one and cruise around is such a fun feeling. I didn’t realize until I got here how much music came out of London. And it’s absolutely incredible to be around this. See those people crossing the road? That is Abbey Road. Perfect time to roll up on Westminster Abbey. I love hearing those bells, this is incredible. This is Windsor Castle. It actually is the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world, and it’s cool to think that people still live here.

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And what I just saw was the Changing of the Guard. It’s something that you only see like on TV and on the news, and you come here like wow, these guys really do this. Do we have any Harry Potter fans here tonight? It is time to check out post locations from Harry Potter. This is so cool, I didn’t know this existed in real life. Platform 9 3/4 is where Harry Potter and all of his buddies would push, boom! and magically go through the wall.

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I’m now at the Tower of London and this place is gigantic. This is your proper medieval castle, and you can imagine what it used to be like. That castle is very impressive, and now it’s time for a little cruise down the river. Going down the River Thames and this place is amazing. All the major sights are all along this river.

The London Eye is the granddaddy of all the Ferris Wheels. You don’t even really feel like you’re moving. You feel kind of like you’re floating. Then all of a sudden you’re at the very top, and you can see miles and miles away. Bath is the quintessential town. It has so much to see and do. The Roman Baths are absolutely stunning. These are actually the best preserved baths in the entire world, and they are incredible. You can actually try some of the water that comes from the spring. Cheers! Afternoon tea is such a great tradition.

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You’re having this tea with sandwiches and pastries. It’s kind of this relaxing way to spend your afternoon and it’s kind of a little pick-me-up. Stonehenge is definitely a magical place. It’s beautiful, it’s creative, it’s everything. You know what? I hope they never figure out what it’s all about. I like that it’s a mystery. What an incredible place. This trip has been amazing. We’re coming back, right? Yes, and we are gonna miss it a lot. Oh, we’re gonna miss London so much. You will absolutely love this city.

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