Lyon Subway Map

Lyon Subway Map


IS Chez Mounier, 3 r. des Marronniers, 2eme ( 04 78 37 79 26). This tiny place satisfies a discriminating local clientele with generous traditional specialties. 4-course menus ‚9.60-15.10. Open Su noon-2pm, Tu-Sa noon-2pm and 7-10:30pm.

Chabert et Fils, 11 r. des Marronniers, 2eme (04 78 37 01 94). One of the better-known bouchons in Lyon. For dessert, try the delicious Guignol. Lunch menus start at ‚8-12.50. Open daily noon-2pm and 7-llpm. MCV.

L’Assiette St-Jean, 10 r. St-Jean, 5eme (04 72 41 96 20). An excellent bouchon, with unusual, somewhat archaic decor. House specialty gateau de foies de volaille (chicken liver) ‚6.60. Menus ‚13-27.50. Open in summer Su and Tu-Sa noon-2pm and 7-10:30pm. Closed Tu in winter. AmExMCV.

Chez Marie-Danleile, 29 r. des Remparts d’Ainay (04 72 43 09 25). A refreshing change from the male-dominated chef scene in Lyon-Marie-Danielle has received dozens of awards for her Lyonnais fare served in a brasserie-style dining hall. Lunch menu ‚14. Dinner menu ‚21.50. Open Tu-Sa noon-2pm and 7:30-10pm. MCV. O L’Etoile de I’Orient, 31 r. des Remparts d’Ainay, 2eme (04 72 41 07 87). M: Ampere-Victor Hugo. Be sure to have some tea at this intimate Tunisian restaurant, run by an exceedingly warm couple. Tajine lamb ‚11.50. Couscous dishes ‚11-13. Menus ‚10-25. Open M noon-2pm, Tu-Su noon-2pm and 7-llpm.

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