Machu Picchu It Lives Up To The Hype

So I didn’t know this. But you have to come super early we’re just here. So we’re gonna jump on the first bus, and we got here 3:30 if you ever look up here that line goes all like. So far into the distance now we line up again in this is exciting probably one of the first xx people to get in, and it is a beautiful day today we are so lucky we’ve made it Machu Picchu wow that is incredible the Sun is just starting to come onto the mountain this is insane guys we’re getting a sunrise, and it’s beaming across when I was down when I you can tell me love is a drink Oh you can too enjoy company we’ve made it it is perfect weather there is no clouds in front of it we had a sunrise, I’ll guide who was a porter for the Inca Trail he’s not hundreds of times has only seen a sunrise three times, and we’re seeing one I feel. So lucky, and this is just breathtaking ice can’t wipe this smile off my face you know when some people say it’s not worth it this 100% lives up to all the expectations guys this is one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to you can really tell on this side. But look at this sunrise just coming through now I just can get to me oh we found a llama Artie after way too many photo cross we are finally going down to explore the city our garden is Elena snow that was discovered in like 1911, and all of this was just covered in like branches, and you know just shrubbery. So it’s pretty much excavate all of this.

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So this would have just looked incredible having all these vines growing all over the different buildings okay we just got told the funnest fact we’ve all been saying it wrong National Geographic TV blog does everyone machu picchu so much room means old, and peach tree means peak. So it’s it’s really just stands for old peak. But the way we bring pronouncing it it should be pronounced machu picchu. Because Picchu actually means like the male part say we’ve always run your home saying old old pretty much right at the bottom of the mountain, and we actually get here it looks smaller then when we’re all the way at the top it’s still big. But just how do you see. So many pictures of this place, and you just expect it to be so much bigger there’s actually quite small, and compact. So you can actually climb to the top of the mountain there.

But way too tired to do that you guys will just have to come here yourself when you want to climb up realize you have to book that like six to eight months in advance to walk up that by the way they’re still excavating Machu Picchu, I’m gonna try say that from now onwards. So I get a ride this is what it looked like before it was all excavated to look like this yeah maybe in a few years time this will all be cleared with some more terraces okay what else after this see Machu Picchu that was amazing, I’m so glad we made it here. So it’s really cool you can get a machu picchu stamp it’s like a protest going on in the streets of the Niles if any of you guys can understand Spanish let us know below what they’re protesting around seems quite peaceful though Hey everybody welcome back to cuzco we ended up spending the night here. But we’re about to jump on a seven-hour bus ride to pune let’s do it well these buses look heaps nice eight hours later we have made it to puno, and even though who we are near a lake we’re actually 3800 meters up we gon’ 500 meters up since couscous, I’m feeling able to chew it a little bit like not much not not as bad as the first time I left to Cusco this feel a little bit out of breath I feel like you didn’t see literally all you mr. Davis over yeah. But we’re walking through the markets. Because tomorrow’s weather is gonna be super interesting we’re gonna do a homestay.

So we’re actually gonna go, and buy some little gifts, and families can go stay at the house are you feeling pass. So we’re gonna go farm like rice, and sugar, and oats, and stuff, and buy them, and read to them irrationally staying on Lake Titicaca I already found our spot for dinner looks kind of good.

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