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This starts somewhat unpromisingly, with the modern Marks & Spencer Madrid Metro Map on the east side of the street, but a little further up on the left you reach Madrid Metro Map St Martin’s Tearooms, the first of three tearooms highlighted in this walk.

As soon as you enter you feel you are stepping into the rather large drawing room of a rural residence two centuries ago, with its subtle lighting, low beams, cosy alcoves, brick and timbered walls, sturdy wooden tables and chairs, and the profusion of flowers. The food is mostly organic and is all home-cooked, free from artificial flavouring, colours or preservatives, and no convenience food is used.

Savouries include welsh rarebit, potato cake, mushrooms on toast, open sandwiches with egg or salmon, and a variety of soups including carrot, leek, broccoli, courgette and tomato. There is also a good range of salads. Among the cakes are scones, flapjacks, apricot slices, banana bread, honey and lemon cake and carrot cake, and there is a range of refreshing teas and coffees to accompany your food.

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