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Renowned as “the world’s most visited border city”, Tijuana invites you to discover and enjoy its extensive variety of attractions and activities. Home to a magic cultural entertainment, as well as world-class restaurants, nightclub shows and discotheques to such tourist attractions as bull fights, golf courses, museums. That’s at least what you’ll tell the old lady, for us it’s home to a surprisingly exotic Red Light District, with hundreds of gorgeous girls looking to show tourists a close up view of their crotch tacos.

Tijuana is an easy daytrip from San Diego, California. From downtown SD there is an $ 8 trolley to the border, and from there you can take either a bus or a cab. At a cost of $13 total for the trip, there is no excuse not to pop on down when in SD. The red light district is called La Coahuiiila, located in the city of Tijuana in the Zona Norte. The zone itself isn’t exactly upscale, but the caliber of some of the girls here is often stunning. Many girls are downright exotic, having flow up from Buenos Aires, Venezuela and southern Mexico looking for healthy gringo dollars. The pricing is $20-30 in the street area, to $50-60 in the clubs. It’s truly a compassionate humanitarian gesture of yours to invest your hard earned US dollars to help the struggling Mexican economy. ( www.seetijuana.com )

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Climate :

Mexico is hot and humid along the coasts, but inland, at higher elevations such as Guadalajara or Mexico City, the climate is much drier and hotter. The hot, wet season is May to October, with the hottest and wettest months falling between June and September over most of the country. December to February is generally the coolest months, when north winds can make inland northern Mexico decidedly chilly, with temperatures sometimes approaching freezing.

Entry Requirements :

From the US, no visa is required, a passport is recommended. Also make sure when you enter you have a desperate desire to scrcw like the energizer bunny non-stop for 48 hours.

Departure Tax :

Border exit fee varies, usually around $10. Maximum of one free bottle of tequila allowed, duty tax on more.

Money Matters :

U.S. currency is King. Change some into pesos in America for a better rate. Spend them, their kind of worthless back home. Also bring some l’s, 5’s, and a few 10’s of both pesos and US dollars. People pretend they don’t have change for larger bills. People don’t want $100 bills, they think they’re counterfeit.

For the current exchange rate: ( http://www.oanda.com )

Tipping :

Change your money to pesos. If you pay in American dollars, ask the waiters for your change in US dollars. Naturally, in the spirit of Mexico, all the waiters will all try to rip you off. Do you really want the going exchange rate as per Pedro? They hold up a tray with your change on it, you won’t be able to see the coins. Grab the paper, say keep the rest senor. As a token of your appreciation, hand out your ex-wife’s business cards to all the waiters .”for a good time, call collect 24 hours a day.”

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