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Okay guys. So update about all the crazy stuff going on if you haven’t been reading my posts lately I suggest that you go back, and watch the last two. Because those have been giving all the updates. But if you don’t want to do that here’s the basic story we decided to move to Beijing China live II went there performing got taken kind of held hostage as you can imagine I was super boring it upsets, and then Livio go free I belong. So having a lot of trouble getting my Chinese visa.

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So I couldn’t go to him at all duck in Singapore that’s kind of still decay I am actually going to be leaving Singapore, and going to Hong Kong to get my Chinese visa there when Lydia, and I parted in Bali we thought that it was going to be just for five days at the most that didn’t end up working out. So now it’s been over two weeks that we haven’t seen each other, and yeah it just it’s really hard. Because I haven’t known for a while now when, I’m going to see him or where, I’m going to see him. Because for a while it was really up in the air like am I ever going to get my Chinese visa like maybe I should just give up, and not even try anymore, and then are we even moving to China then. Because of all these bad things that are happening. So I was thinking you know I might not even see Livio in China I don’t know where in the world, I’m going to see her next door or when, and I can’t go to him now, and it was just it was extremely stressful, and it still is stressful. Because I still don’t know how long, I’ll have to stay in Hong Kong it’s really difficult to be away for.

So long when you weren’t planning on it news Lydia has gone to Shenzhen it’s on the border of Hong Kong. So very close he is pursuing some job offers there I really hope that I can see him soon, and it’s been hard. But I am enjoying Singapore, and if you have to wait somewhere then Singapore is really an amazing place to have to do it the more adventures in Singapore Hey guys something. So exciting today I am going to the Harry Potter cafe here in Singapore obviously I can’t wait to be amazing, I’m Hermione today. So guys it’s drink that I got is called mr. link flaming through its kind of a signature drink of the cafe I guess it’s actually alcoholic which I wouldn’t normally jet I think, I’ll get a coffee -. But uh it’s a drink of happing.

So I thought I had to try all right. So now I am going to write in my journal that book is actually my hand, I’m going to write here with a class of magic definitely recommend this Harry Potter cafe to you guys if you like Harry Potter like I do it calls platform at the end 94 caught my luck now I will write in my journal, and return to my puzzle during my stay in Singapore I am saying at a capsule hostel which I’ve always wanted to I’ve seen them like on Instagram stuff just excused coziest thing ever is called bohemian chic 1 & 2 located in Chinatown, I’ll put it in the description cutest coziest place this is a beautiful morning here in Singapore I am just planning to walk around, and see what I come across just being this building from far away, and I can know what it was it’s no it’s really anything it’s just another beautiful design the tiles go all the way up I think Singapore just has. So many instances architectural structures very creative critically beautiful for awesome walking around the city I am pretty happy with myself today about being able to get some shots of me. Because as you know Libya wasn’t here to help with backup camera works. So in order to get any shots of me that aren’t selfies is pretty difficult oh I put like my bag in here, and I rested the camera in it, and then use the straps to act as like a little tripod. But that wasn’t tall enough I needed to kick the lens up a little further. So I crumpled up with piece of paper that I found on the ground, and put it beneath the lens.

So that it would be you know tilted up a little bit more I was doing stuff like that as well in the park just all of these crazy maneuvers to try, and get a post of myself, and it worked yay, I’m not normally like going into Falls to show you guys. But I have to admit that this small it’s the Marina Bay Sands mall again referring to may have to admit that this mall is actually really pretty is like a blue water down there that goes come on the feeling is also laughs Frankie is some sort of whirlpool another of Singapore’s just 14 um how pretty device in this offbeat way actually really soothing to look at. Because it circles our goals we smelled like the school look this greenery behind me oh don’t be nothing like starting to turn on you looking forward to seeing the city at night would be beautiful is what, I’m expecting to be again beautiful can’t stop like taking pictures here, and everything these lights are amazing Singapore is so so gorgeous such a beautiful beautiful place right over here it seems like there’s answers our show / concerts going on, I’m gonna go, and see what it’s all about no too many people do not even hear myself sing much less breathe it’s so hot Oh I thought it would be yeah yeah I hope that you guys liked my post in Singapore it is the last one after this I am going to be going to Hong Kong to get my Chinese visa, and then finally finally be reunited with Livio if you in Hong Kong thanks for reading bye.

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