South Africa Trip – Johannesburg to Cape Town

I didn’t think it was anything like this at all everybody really ought to come sometime in their life if not more than once the highlights of the trip or Kruger Park, and we got to see some wonderful animals really close up which color of experience will stand out amongst South Africa’s unexpected pleasures Cape Town is really special, it’s not what we expected is. So beautiful, and all the mountains in the background, and see. How could you to find a prettier place. This is the castle in downtown Cape Town, and it’s a beautiful historical part of Cape Town, and we’re visiting around, and doing our city tour this morning gotcha George’s Cathedral we’re judgement Bishop you two used to do this honey finally our program director he is the greatest thing that ever came across his continent jason has been fantastic, and has made it.

South Africa Trip – Johannesburg to Cape Town Photo Gallery

So much more fun why do. I enjoy the job. I love.

I love my country. I love being outdoors, and just enjoy being with people the left inside of it it is the old slave trading lodge. This is me that used to hold the steel.

So much about. So many things, and he just forgot burned happy everybody likes Jason National Arts Museum museum day the National History Museum behind me other game all right smiling under the old tree old guy old tree its massive, it’s just amazing, and it’s nothing like that we had banyan trees, and florida this dating back to Cape Town’s company garden has extraordinary plantings including a heritage Rose Garden built in hey well. We’ve heard that Cape Town is one of the most beaut in the world.

So we are out to make our own determination about that Cape Town is one of the most multicultural cities in the world famous for its harbor that other day is Robben Island, it’s screen kilometers long by point something kilometers wide fantastic amazing view. I want to see anyway riding a cable car over three thousand five hundred, and sixty three feet of sandstone to the top of Table Mountain yields are remarkable degree view the main feature of Table Mountain is, it’s leveled plateau pitched by impressive cliffs the flat top of the mountain is often covered where the moisture condenses to form the. So called tablecloth of cloud this one is known as lion’s head from a distance it looks like a lion laying on its side.

So it this looks like the ramp of the lion this you would see on this angle here and This is the peaks that we call the twelve apostels but if you actually count them they are not necessarily twelve oh. I think, it’s fantastic. I can’t believe.

I’m here, it’s just unbelievable nice cloudy makes it look more mysterious up here. I guess, it’s being considered for one of the seven wonders of nature rightfully. So.

Because that’s just awesome. I don’t know. I’ve never been anywhere quite like this before tonight we’re going to a home hosted dinner, and we visit a local person’s home we have dinner with them meet their families experience their lifestyle, and eat the local foods, and learn about their life here firsthand, and that’s really fun for the men of mule that will be fatter chicken.

So tight in onion, and peppers, and any bit of fresh cream, and the English, and also to sautéed cabbage, and cauliflower, and green beans, and some butternut squash, and just delightful interaction, it’s one of the special things that. I think Grand Circle does, and enjoy kappa yeah. This is apple crumble.

I’ve seen but some custard well. I think. This is a wonderful experience to be in somebody’s home again is wonderful but the thing.

I enjoyed we’re having fun in the market, and yet the fun is bargaining. So we’re getting to do some of that right mark we can spend a lot of money here oh wow every woman’s dream everything for a price, and you can bargain, it’s gonna be hard to leave. We’ve made some wonderful friends, and it’s been.

So much fun, and we kind of hate to get in oh, it’s no good just to you know have the Indian Ocean to are the East, and the Atlantic Ocean to them the West that’s just gorgeous a kaleidoscope of experience evidence that the nation has become as Nelson Mandela envisioned a rainbow nation, and peace with itself.

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