Maine Travel Destinations

Maine Travel Destinations


In addition to the Mahoosuc Mountains Management Unit (see entry page 165), Maine has a number of other so-called Management Units. These undeveloped state-owned lands are found throughout the state, with the majority located in central and northern Maine.

Among the largest are the 25,000-acre Duck Lake Unit, the 22,000-acre Eagle Lake Unit, and the 22,500-acre Richardsontown Unit. Access to many of the units is by old roads, some of which are in barely passable condition.

Activities: Canoeing is feasible on a number of rivers, lakes, and ponds within the areas. Most units have few if any trails for hiking or backpacking. Fishing is often available, and hunting is permitted in season.

Camping Regulations: All units are open to primitive camping. Campfires are allowed only at authorized campsites, and a state fire permit is required for some locations.

For Further Information: Maine Bureau of Public Lands, State House Station 22, Augusta, ME 04333; (207)289-3061.

There are also scores of state-owned islands off the coast of Maine. About 41 of these are currently apen for recreational use, and camping is allowed an many of them. A fire permit is necessary in arder to have a campfire. Access is by private boat anly. For more information contact the Maine Bureau of Public Lands, State House Station 22, Augusta, ME 04333; (207)289-3061.

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