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Portland’s Old Port is aptly named, being old and located at the center of Portland’s active working harbor. I he area lay in disuse until the 1970s, when a revival began. After you’ve taken a gander from the Portland Observatory (-5), head dow n Congress Street to explore the trendiest part of this vibrant little city.

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You’ll walk past the Eastern Cemetery (the city’s oldest, dating from 1668). where noted Maine abolitionists and military heroes from several wars are buried. Stop and take a look at the Civil War Monument on the grave of Union volunteer Alonzo P. Stinson, who died at age 19 at the Battle of Bull Run, July 21,1861. A granite bedroll sits atop the marker for the first Portland casu alty of the Civil War.

When you hit India Street, you’ll see the first few of the many, many restaurants that crowd this section of the citv harbor’s edge. India Street has Italian and Japanese restaurants.

Take a right off India onto Middle Street, where nearly every doorway is a restaurant some with a national reputa lion and others that deserve to have one.

Head down to Commercial Street (on the water) and just keep walking until vou find something that interests you. every thing from speciality pi/za. Irish fare, endless seafood chowder ovster lobster places, high end dinner places, fishermen’s breakfast joints, DiMillo’s floating restaii rant (»35), sushi, pubs, and pan Mediterra nean spots. At a right angle to Commercial Street, there’s Dana Street, very short but home to three restaurants. At the end of Dana. Lurn onto Wharf Street, where you’ll find sev eral more, including a bar specializing in chocolate.

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