Putting on sunscreen you see the camera I think this is a good place to start the post for today. So it’s the 18th of October 2018 Tuesday morning last day in the Maldives hanging here at Jeff we’ve been just like kind of pink commie items all morning. But Jeff lives in Laguna Beach, and I might be planning a trip there in November to come hang with Jeff, and Matt yes I’ve never been to California like properly to California. So yeah we’re just talking about lots of cool stuff happening look who it is again everyone’s favorite non rs Xmas this Expo the sexiest man on the boat this high degree look at the hair just flip the hair around just fresh out the shower scattered showers what goes on right now that was probably the biggest way they came in. So far on this trip what do you think inside or outside we can’t even it’s our last day well I think ideals I think it’s time to put on our speedo get out beautiful on speedos today I have a blue one the Magnum kidding I have a navy blue speedo from when I swim laughs I brought it with me I don’t know why I brought it with me I thought me coming in super chill now we just had a delicious breakfast on the boat, and we’re back at salt ins it’s a kind of rainy story day, and we just saw the biggest wave of the whole trip roll in, and break, and probably six inches of water it’s like one of those things where you want to go. But if you up especially it’s the last day of the trip you don’t want to go, and surf for ten days, and then the last day break your back Jeff is a very very good surfer I just take behind here I can watch what he does I’ve been hanging you have you watched York then someone’s going out right yes be fun.


But yeah stretch out for Gameboy guys everybody dragon barrel it support about no one knows who came out. So we’ve had all out there we get out the wings are okay took one wave I’d golf on the top of the wave I curl back up sit on my stuff over I go back up to the lift of the wave, I’m on the top the way breaks I fall down like this, and land on my shoulder on the reef yeah. But how about this our last day in the Maldives pouring rain windy a stormy I mean if you think about it we have we had one eight good days of good weather have some of eight days of beautiful weather, and even you know the thing is we are in paradise. So even if it rains it’s not a bad day it’s very limited what you can do on a boat when it’s raining in the Maldives. So we’re gonna actually go to that island that we went to three days ago, and kind of just walk around maybe get some candy or something he’s a professional raincoat maker yeah this is how you make your raincoat in the Maldives you use trash making an arm look up stylish the model is very now I call it Darrell II darrell Issa are you gonna go with a trash bag I think we’re going on a mission or something like we’re we’re getting ready to go out, and storm. So we have to be yeah maybe a good blog tomorrow. Because work it’s gotta be high on sugar all night long it’s so good actually shouldn’t get more pro jailbreak breakfast tomorrow yes.

So we came all the way to this island for one thing candy I got a whole bag of candy for sixty US dollars I have chips I have Nutella, and chocolate bar Cadbury pepper from New Zealand yep movie night tonight we took one bow here, and we did not post anything. Because it was very low to the water we over packed the boat. So they’re taking one boat back now then they’re gonna come back, and get us, and then we’ll go back. So we’re stuck here for a little bit, and we’re here for surfing asshole challenger you know I love it I love it all the other today that the weather is the only day it’s been bad brother. But it’s been a fun trip I don’t think any souvenirs for me, I’m looking for food. So we’re walking down this main drag, and every shopkeeper has come out, and tried to get us to go into their store to buy stuff. But very very nice people the multi viens absolutely very very kind people they know how to hustle to every she’s puzzled at him Oh everybody he’s came he saw us walking down the street it’s pouring rain we’re burning ponchos it’s a he’ll come into my store come into my store souvenirs we just came for the snacks though movie night snacks join the nature all day has been raining, and look how much is third the flood already there’s flooding on the island look at the flooding it’s head back to the dock with the others no yes I know.

But we wait under there Oh home sweet home have all the candy too Oh oh my gosh was it worth it I think it was worth it it’s a real story going on out there it is storming hard in the Maldives, and I was thinking I can’t even imagine if they get hurricanes here what that can do to this place cuz I think today it’s just a bigger rainstorm. But it’s pretty bad out there take my poncho off, I’m just gonna poke it out, and rip out of this thing the trash bag poncho works surprisingly well, I’m not well I mean my sleeves are a little wet. But, I’m pretty much dry for the most part I was pretty bad I ate almost all my candy on the island waiting for the second boat to come. But look the one thing I did not eat oh the whole time I’ve been here we have toast every morning for breakfast, I’m just thinking imagine if I had some Nutella to spread on it, and now I have some Nutella for our last breakfast on the boat all right that’s just chill I feel like tonight is like a chill edit movie hangout night cheers to the Maldives Cheers David. So this is the scene right now we have the disco ball going we have the strobe lights we have music everyone is on their computers, and their phones this is yes way to put dinner. But this is the Instagram crew right here sure this is their mega mall a kickabout laughter yeah yeah. Because tomorrow you guys are leaving okay.

So it’s for friends right yeah Wow well thank you we have our little piece flowers I asked him who sent me friends what the little flower yeah it’s like a friendship power oh my God look at this I cannot believe what just happened they sent this table with a white tablecloth the flowers I had fresh fish that they just call it today that’s crazy. Because by the end of a trip you become very good friends with the people that you’re staying with especially if you are living on a boat with 15 people by the end of the trip you’re pretty close to family you’re you know you’ve lived with these people on a tiny boat for the past two weeks almost, and it’s it’s kind of sad that tomorrow’s our last day. So until tomorrow everyone remembers to smile more worried less, and leave your passion back such a good trip such a i opening trip.

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