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CONSTANTINE II, emperor d. 340. Perhaps the illegitimate son of Constantine I, born at Arles in 317 and almost immediately proclaimed Caesar, acclaimed Augustus with his brothers Constans I and Constantius I; division of the empire gave him Gaul, Spain and Britain, tutelage over his younger brother Constans and therefore a sort of control over his territories. Early in 340 he moved against Constans to secure his part of the empire, but the ill-prepared venture encountered great hostility in Italy, reflected in the judgment of the historian Aurelius Victor; Constantine fell into an ambush near Aquileia, was killed and thrown in the River Alsa; all his territory then went to Constans.

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1748 By the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, Mali Subway Map Great Britain returns Louisbourg to France. 1754 The French in North Country, who number only some Mali Subway Map 75,000, are concerned about protecting their lands against expansion by the more populous (1.2 million) British colonists. To ensure a link between Canada and Louisiana, the French begin fortifying the Ohio Valley and build Fort Duquesne at a fork on the Ohio River. Virginians counter by building Fort Necessity, but a French attack in July forces the commandant, George Washington, to surrender his post. 1755 British General Edward Braddock, commanding British regulars and colonists, attempts to take Fort Duquesne in July. He is killed and his forces suffer high casualties when they are ambushed by the French and their Native Country allies. The British, fearing an uprising among the French inhabitants of Nova Scotia, force the Acadians to relocate throughout the British colonies. Those who resettle in Louisiana later become known as Cajuns. 1756 The Seven Years’ War (1756–1763) begins in Europe; the colonial counterpart is the French and Indian War, which, in fact, began in 1754. The French commander in New France is Louis Joseph, Marquis de Montcalm, who, taking the offensive, destroys the British fort and settlement at Oswego on Lake Ontario in New York. 1757 Montcalm, from his base at Fort Ticonderoga, captures Fort William Henry on Lake George, New York.

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