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Manila Quest. What rule must we observe in forgiving? Ans Manila Map . Whether thou didst lend by way of commerce or in mercy, if he hath nothing to Manila Map pay thee, must forgive, (except in cause where thou hast a surety or a lawfull pleadge) Deut[eronomy]. 15. 2. Every seaventh yeare the Creditor was to quitt that which he lent to his brother if he were poore as appears ver[se].

Save when there shall be no poore with thee. In all these and like cases, Christ was a generall rule, Math[ew]. 7. 22. Whatsoever ye would that men should doe to you, doe yee the same to them allsoe. Quest. What rule must wee observe and walke by in cause of community of perill? Ans. The same as before, but with more enlargement towards others and lesse respect towards ourselves and our owne right. Hence it was that in the primitive Churche they sold all, had all things in common, neither did any man say that which he possessed was his owne.

Likewise in theire returne out of the captivity, because the worke was greate for the restoring of the church and the danger of enemies was common to all, Nehemiah directs the Jews to liberallity and readiness in remitting theire debts to theire brethren, and disposing liberally to such as wanted, and stand not upon their owne dues which they might have demanded of them.

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