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The Third Coalition: 1805 (1 minute)

The third coalition of Austria, Britain, Russia and Sweden opposed Emperor Napoleon of France. Austria invaded Bavaria, Frances ally in Germany but were out maneuvered and forced to surrender at Ulm. The main Austro-Russian force suffered a crushing defeat at Austerlitz on December 2, 1805 in Moravia which put an end to the Holy Roman Empire. This caused Napoleon’s

satellite states in southern and western Germany to succeed from the Holy Roman Empire in 1806 and form Napoleon’s Confederation on the Rhine. This prompted Francis II to abdicate and put an end to the Holy Roman Empire.

Map Of Austria Showing Hallstatt

Map Of Hallstatt Austria Photo Gallery

The Fourth Coalition: 1806-1807 (1 minute)

Austria did not fight against Napoleon in the next conflict the fourth coalition as they were attempting to maintain peace with France.

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The Fifth Coalition: 1809 (1 minute)

Napoleon’s over throw of the Spanish Bourbons in 1808 prompted Austria to again go to war against France. However, Austria could not elicit support from German and Russia honored their alliance with France. Austria was able to defeat Napoleon at the Battle of Aspern-Eassling when he was attempting to cross the Danube near Vienna but went on to lose the war. The Treaty of Schonbrunn the settled the war was harsh. Austria lost Salzburg to Bavaria, some Polish lands to Russia and its remaining Adriatic territory (including much of Carinthia and Styria) to Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces.

Hallstatt On Map Of Austria

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The Foreign Policy of Metternich (1 minute)

The new Austrian foreign minister, Klemens von Metternich pursued a new pro-French foreign policy capitalizing on the fact the Napoleon was now married to Marie Louise, the Emperor’s daughter. Austria contributed an Army to Napoleon’s failed Russian invasion of 1812. As Napoleon started to decline militarily Metternich slowly began to shift his policy away from Napoleon. He tried to mediate a peace between France and its continental enemies but Napoleon would not consider compromise.

Map Of Austria With Hallstatt

The Sixth Coalition: 1812- 1814 (1 minute)

Austria joined the allies in fighting Napoleon in the sixth coalition that ended with Napoleon being defeated at the Battle of Leipzig and being forced to abdicate on April 3, 1814. Louis XVIII was restored and negotiated a peace with

the victorious allies at Paris on May 30, 1814.

The Seventh Coalition: 1815 (1 minute)

Napoleon escaped from exile and Austria and the allies had to launch another campaign against him where he finally met his Waterloo and was exiled again this time to the remote island of St. Helena where he died on May 5, 1821.

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