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Hello. So um I am about to leave New York, and head to Madrid. So excited just packing up the last of my things at the moment hello. So I just got off all of my flights, and I landed in Madrid, and I am here I just got into my Airbnb Hey from Madrid right now, I’m trying to make my coffee let’s see what I made I don’t know I don’t know if this is right. So I finished my coffee now and, I’m gonna head out, and start exploring I came here good why absolutely.

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But every three here is so picturesque it’s beautiful that it is not going to be hard to just walk around I just walked around a corner in a street, and I found this. So Cathedral it’s so massive you can’t really tell scale is the post just got out of the cathedral it was so beautiful inside and. So massive the post really can’t capture the way it is, and how tall the ceilings are it was just walking now in this beautiful park by the palace which I think, I’ll go back to later you a place to get coffee just had breakfast the. So cheap like 2 euros I got to speak a little bit of Spanish walking back to the militia. So there’s a very long line long line that, I’m probably about 20 minutes to get through and, I’m inside the Palais Co, and it’s so beautiful you I just got out of the door it was an absolute, and there were a lot of places where you weren’t allowed to take photos every room that you walked into see, and the contribute I just helped to show these German tourists around, and based on that I had a map, and a asked me, and we happen to be going in the same direction.

So I walked them for a little bit don’t know how I became a direction giver in Madrid. Because I’ve only been here for really a few hours and, I’m horrible directions. But um I also went, and printed out my boarding passes for my flight to Portugal in a few days the flight is only like 10 euros. But the catch is that they tell you if you don’t print your boarding pass then you’re charged 45 euros no I went, and printed it only 50 cents much better now, I’m looking for some dinner I finished eating dinner, and I kind of thought that I might head out, and do some more. But, I’m just. So tired, and think that, I’ll edit, and just go out earlier tomorrow morning um. So I had such a great first day in Madrid good night Hey.

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