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Where to Stay in Palma de Mallorca

Park Hyatt Mallorca Hotel entrance, The hotel is set in the exclusive Cap Vermeil Estate. The hotel is located on Mallorca’s pristine east coast It’s about a one hour’s drive to/from Palma International Airport. The hotel design reflects an authentic Mallorquin yil®§. The secluded settina offers Quests a uniaue and tranauil environment. Even though the hotel is new, it feels authentic. Clusters of buildings in sand-coloured stone are divided by streams and paths. The hotel is the first Park Hyatt Resort in Europe Park Hyatt is internationally renowned for its understated luxury and sophist. Tour of the beautiful lobby.

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The lobby is adjacent to the hotel’s main Mallorquin village square, Plaza de la Torre. The library is directly across the reception area. Here, complimentary snacks and coffee are offered, as well as wine in the evening. The lobby & library open up into a Mediterranean terrace Pavilions housing the main hotel restaurants line this magnificent, rectangular space . This is the Asian restaurant (also shown later inSJhis clip] It serves a wide range of authentically prepared Pan Asian dishes.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Mallorca

This is the hotel’s Tapas Bar Here, you can enjoy freshly prepared tapas. The hotel boasts nice views of the Canyamel Valley. It is not directly on the beach (which is a 5 min drive away) and does not offer sea views. One of the three pools is a children’s splash pool. The Park Hyatt Mallorca is very kid friendly. Two of the three pools are heated. This is perfect for when you visit the hotel outside the summer season. This is the hotel’s third and quiet pool. It’s located on a terrace above the main pool and also has a jacuzzi on the side. Rooms are located in casitas up the hill.

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The hotel provides buggy service to get around the resort and to/from the rooms. Welcome snacks & gift. Fresh fruits, cookies, and olive oil. The room provides sophisticated residential comfort. It offers modern amenities that merge with the comforts of an ultraluxe home. The Plaza de la Torre is the hotel’s center. This Mallorquin village square connects the pool, restaurants and lobb. Entrance to the Cafe Sa Placja. This all day dining venue features an open plan cafe with a central famil. This is the Balearic restaurant, the hotel’s culinary heart It serves breakfast (shown in this sequence) and dinner (shown later). The Serenitas Spa is tucked away in a corner of the hotel The spa offers a selection of signature treatments using locally inspired therapies.

Spa reception The spa is inspired bv the island’s 371 aromas Relaxation area Here, guests can relax and chill after their spa treatment. Male locker room, It’s complete with a Himalayan salt sauna and steam room. The dining venue is exquisitely designed as a private villa with a beautiful verandah. Asia is the best Asian restaurant in Mallorca. Dinner at the Balearic Restaurant. It offers traditional gastronomy rooted in the strong culinary values of the region. Starters Iberico ham croquettes & beef steak tartar. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle. If you have a car, over 200 beaches are on offer on Mallorca. The hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to the beach If you have a car, over 200 beaches are on offer on Mallorca. Canyamel is the closest beach to the hotel. It’s about a 15 minute walk or 5 minute drive from the Park Hyatt Mallorca.

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