Map of Stuttgart


Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Wiirttemberg, the state in Germany’s southwestern corner, has successfully retained a unique character of its own throughout its long history. It is one of the most attractively situated and most beautiful German cities. This becomes apparent when you approach from the southeast via the ‘Neue Wein-steige. An almost Mediterranean sight: vineyards in a landscape on green slopes, interspersed with rows of houses, terraces, nooks and niches. Streets bustling with life, side-streets suddenly ending in quiet plazas. Wonderful parks and castles serve as reminder of the former royal residence of the Kings of Wiirttemberg. Culture is represented by its showpieces: the State Theater and the Stuttgart Ballet. Industrial and service enterprises with an excellent reputation have their headquarters in Stuttgart. Its shops offer a huge variety of top quality goods. Stuttgart: the city where everything you might want to buy is within easy reach.

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