MesaStila, Java, INDONESIA

MesaStila, Java, INDONESIA


Three nights bed and breakfast in a One Bedroom Plantation Villa from £495 per person, including transfers and a half day excursion to Borobudur. International flights excluded. Occupying a former coffee plantation, this Indonesian stunner is nestled in the highlands of Java among a chain of breathtaking volcanoes.

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Filled with antique treasures picked up by the owners on their travels, its 23 villas are swathed in saffron and paprika hues and feature four-poster canopied beds. From the heart of the hotel, you can take in the full majesty of Mount Merapi and the other volcanoes shaping the horizon, but the swimming pool (fed by a spring) offers the best vantage point for sinking a sundowner.

Surrounded by magical mist and moss, the jewel in the crown has to be MesaStila’s Hammam Spa: a temple of tranquility inspired by Ottoman culture with a roster of healing Eastern therapies. There’s also hiking, biking, trekking and yoga to dip into. If you fancy a day trip, a sunrise visit to Borobudur, a mesmerising 9th-century Bhuddhist temple 45 minutes away, is hard to beat.

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