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During summer and winter both coasts are subject to hurricanes. The most common hurricane path circles clockwise across the Caribbean Sea allowing storms to batter the Mexican coast and then continue, with diminished fury, to Texas coastal cities.

Characteristic plants of Mexico include cacti, one type of which is used for making the well-known alcoholic beverage, tequila. The town of Tequila gives the beverage its name. The cactus’ inclusion on the Mexican coat of arms testifies to its importance.

Mexico Described as the most beautiful of the glens in the country Mexico Map Tourist Attractions park, it is carpeted in spring with bluebells and wood anemones, and a stream flows between Mexico Map Tourist Attractions great boulders under the tangled trees. It is a wonderfully refreshing spot on a hot day. When you hit the valley bottom, it is important that you take the right-hand turn along the route signposted Lovers Seat, Coastguard and Firehills. You cross a stream and commence another very considerable ascent. Initially your path swings to the left, and for a while you may feel you are going away from the sea, but reassurance soon comes in the form of a right-hand turn, signposted Lovers Seat and Coastguard. The going is tough, but the severity is mitigated somewhat by a flight of steps that takes you to the wonderful Lovers Seat viewpoint, beside which is a sarsen stone.

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