Moby Dick of Boston US Map & Phone & Address

269 Huntington Ave. Boston; (617) 236-5511


The name of this restaurant is a red herring. The cuisine at this simple eatery in the Symphony area is Persian hardly Olde New England. Moby Dick essentially limits the menu to kebabs chicken, beef, lamb, seafood or vegetarian. Each of these is available as a sandwich or a full platter. You can get several large chunks of meat and veggies, deliciously barbecued and stuffed into an enormous fresh wheat bread pita with tomatoes, lettuce, onions and minty sauce, all for about $3-$5. One of these can fuel you for an entire afternoon. Or, opt for a platter and get a bigger portion, with salad and fresh bread on the side, coming in at $4.75 to $6.95.

Specials are slightly more expensive. Try a swordfish kebab, served with basmati rice, grilled tomatoes, a salad, and fresh bread, all for $7.95. Lots of people here seem like regulars; if you’re in this neighborhood often, chances are you’ll become one too. Open seven days a week from 11 A.M. tO 11 P.M.

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