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A visit to Monterey is not complete without spending some time at the Monterey Bay Acquarium. Let’s go inside. One of the things that is really unique about the Monterey Bay Acquarium is first of all our location. We like to say the ocean is our largest exhibit here. Everything you see inside are the habitats that you would see if you were to go diving right out here a few feet off our decks. Whoa! I’m like right underneath the shark. Wow, look, I found Nemo. I can’t believe how colorful the coral is. It’s brilliant, so vibrant. The aquarium doesn’t only feature what lives under the water in the bay.

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You’ll also find the birds which live in the sky and on the shore. I think my favorite is the one with the orange legs, the black neck stilt. Whoa! So many of the creatures have to deal with the rushing water crashing against the shore.

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Wow. Hey, buddy. A lot of the creatures here, like the otter, have been rescued, and they now call this place home because they wouldn’t survive in the wild. Look at that one. He came to see you.

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Oh, cool! It’s really neat that they have these touch pools so that you can actually get right in there and interact with the animals. It’s called a decorator crab because it attaches things to its back. Move along, little fella. Have a good day. Whenever our guests come to the aquarium, they leave feeling inspired and want to do something for the animals and the world’s oceans.

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They’re going to leave feeling that emotional connection with all of our animals on exhibit here. I have had such a fantastic day here at the aquarium learning about all the different creatures that live in the bay, and seeing the world from their perspective. The Monterey Bay Aquarium cannot be missed.

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