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Ethnographic Museum of Pafos. This is a private ethnographic museum, until 1971 known as Folk Art Museum, probably the richest and best private museum in the whole of Cyprus, belonging to Mr George Eliades. Mr. Eliades, an intellectual, with interests in archaeology, history, folk art and literature, for over half a century has been collecting art treasures from the countryside of Cyprus, particularly from his native Pafos district, which are currently exhibited in his house, at 1, Exo Vrysi Str, Pafos. Elements of the physical and man-made environment, like natural caves, a Hellenistic rock-cut tomb, a terebinth tree, architecture dating back to 1894 as well as a kiosk, have been incorporated into the ethnographic museum. The visitor can see costumes, particularly rural costumes and trimmings, traditional carved wooden furniture, farming tools, kitchen utensils, clay artefacts, looms, woven articles, etc. Even archaeological findings, mainly from the Chalcolithic period, are exhibited.

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Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum of Pafos, housed in a modern building at Grivas Digenis Avenue, exhibits a vast number of archaeological findings worth visiting. Five chambers are full of interesting exhibits dating from the Neolithic era till the Middle Ages. In the first chamber the visitor examines exhibits from Neolithic, Chalcolithic and Bronze age, including coins cut from the mint of Pafos. In the second chamber are hosted exhibits from the Iron Age and Classical period. A tombstone from Mario with a Cypro-syllabic script, is worth seeing.

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In the third chamber the visitor can see exhibits from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Most probably the attention of the visitor could be directed to a marble statue of Asklepios and a marble body of Aphrodite. The fourth chamber hosts exhibits from late Roman and early Christian periods, while in the fifth chamber, added recently, there are items from the Byzantine and Middle Ages in general.

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Byzantine Museum. The extremely interesting Byzantine Museum of Pafos lies within the precincts of the Pafos Bishopric. It houses a great number of Byzantine icons, ranging mainly from the 12th to the 19th century, collected from churches and monasteries of the district of Pafos. These icons express the religious faith of the Cypriots during the Byzantine era and enlighten present day visitors on the high artistic quality of those times.

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The oldest icon, of Virgin Eleousa, from the church of the Monastery of Agios Savvas tis Karonos, dated about 1200 A.D. is an exquisite example of Byzantine painting. The Byzantine Museum contains also liturgical blogs, firmans, manuscripts, wood-carvings, crosses, silver reliquaries, priests’ uniforms, etc.

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