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The National Museum of Atomic Science and History- Learn about the Atomic Age at this Albuquerque, New Mexico museum. Exhibits cover the history of atomic science, including atomic theory, World War II and the Cold War, and even modern Nuclear medicine.

Reconfiguring movement systems-the in-between spaces-is discussed in Vacation 3. This leads logically to Vacation 4, which is about reconfiguring destinations as places to catalyze urban and suburban transformations. The travel destinationss include case study examples for many different typologies, including streets, corridors, transport hubs, and transit stations, mono-use and redundant industrial zones, unused railyards and abandoned dockyards, edge city retrofits and repurposed ‘big-box’ shopping malls. Case studies from the US and Australia are over-represented because of these countries’ longstanding love affairs with cars and their resultant auto-centric city designs.

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Vacations 5 and 6 outline how to ‘make the connections happen’, with the focus on overcoming implementation challenges. Vacation 5, ‘Remodeling Approaches: Empowering Place Making and Connectivity’, discusses how to seek public buy-in through inclusive, participatory planning. Hard and soft policy measures are detailed. Collaborative and deliberative approaches are explored through case studies. The travel destinations describes an ethnographic engagement approach for connecting people to people and people to places. Vacation 6, ‘Evaluating People, Place, and Transport Connectivity’, outlines a framework to audit places against the connectivity attributes, namely people, place, and transport. Qualitative and quantitative measures emerge from global best-practice examples. An Audit Tool that puts theory into practice, and makes the connecting places, connecting people paradigm realizable, is offered for urban professionals.

Vacation 7, ‘Emerging Challenges: Connected Places in the Global South’, reflects on the relevance of the concept of connecting places for cities in the Global South. Current theory and practice have explored development challenges for cities in the Global South . This travel destinations investigates the success or failure of these practices through the lens of ‘people and place’.

The unfolding mega-trends of the twenty-first century and the challenges they pose are discussed in Vacation 8, ‘Emerging Challenges: Technology Mega-trends and Demographic Shifts’.

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