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They sell no alcoholic drinks and ate found all over town.

Take-outs are small shops where you can order an American, Greek, Italian (known as a hero) sandwich, salads, assorted groceries and drinks to take out and eat elsewhere.

Fast food chains. You’ll see plenty of reminders that you’re in the homeland of McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. They’re very cheap, but you usually eat standing up. or take the food with you.

Pizzerias serve a great variety of enormous Neapolitan-style pizzas, usually big enough for three people. But you can also buy it by the slice.

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There was no family history of maritime adventure and my parents had no expectation of me in this area. One minute I was a schoolboy – average, skinny, callow, under-confident – the next I was in a cheap hotel in Hamburg, sandwiched among a string of bars off the Reeperbahn, waiting for my ship to dock, living with a mixed bag of characters who were beyond my imagination and understanding. I had flown the nest now and my game was on. I couldn’t return home -there were too many barriers: pride; curiosity; expectations of others; shame if I turned back; the things I had to prove to myself, to family. My quest. My test. When I turned 15 I had no earthly idea what I was going to do in life. I vaguely mulled over the future, but only in a schoolboy context, in which my horizon was the weekend, or possibly to the end of term. Otherwise it was couched in juvenile fantasy: war hero, football hero, superhero, long-lost relative of a gazillionaire and so forth. My father was a pilot – an RAF officer with a war pedigree.

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