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Vietnam has a rich history dating back to the rd century BC west this way, and it’s a covetous citadel for days it was the most ferocious battle killed set up by the mewhen dynasty from to hue citidel is now one amongst the relics of the hue ancient capital the architecture is absolutely beautiful, and the history of the ancestors. I think is is really. So impossible to compare for us.

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Because we don’t have that kind of history. I didn’t really like the citadel was. So big.

I was stationed outside of Saigon and I find it generations of pass, and it’s totally changed. I would recommend that all veterans come back, and see it, it’s uh, it’s very heartfelt, and you know personally, it’s a wonderful experience for me and I’m glad. I’m on this tour.

Because they’re getting a lot of emotional support as well as, it’s fun, and it’s been a healing process also built in the ting mu pagoda is one of the oldest religious buildings in the country. I think, it’s beautiful. I’m.

So glad they left you know preserved peace the temple stretches north from the river banks, and is built in r–‘s each of which is dedicated to a human form taken by the Buddha have you heard about Buddhism right Vietnam as. I tell you three main religions Buddhism Taoism, and Confucianism Buddhism mainly split into two main branches the greater vehicle, and a vehicle it felt the reverence. I felt the people’s commitment, and devotion and I was very moved took me a little while to come to terms with my own emotion it is a very nice philosophy.

I think because, it’s a very gentle philosophy, and you treat people well. So that you can be enriched as well as they which. I really admire.

I think, it’s a very practical religion for a kind of world that we live in today usually we see one of the schools that is supported by oats, and that by Grand Circle this would be the first time that been to an orphanage. So this will be a really unique experience for me in the early s the mintu orphanage began with just five children today this rapidly growing center is home to more than children, and run by two Buddhist nuns. So there are children that have been out to society with university surrogates, and successful having a job making money, and getting married you as the nuns put it traveler visits bring pleasure to the children, and show them they are not alone in this world this place.

Because the children are. So open, and friendly, and smiling, and come to you children who have not been loved will not like to be touched it will not like to talk to people, it’s wonderful you know. I thought this would be a very depressing place, it’s uplifting the children are happy, and it really touches your heart you.

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