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Verrazzano was well received by the Manhattans, a local tribe of Indians who guided his ship to a safe landing. Though he wrote an enthusiastic report of his visit to the French king. Francis I. a century passed before any settlers came to live on the estuary. This was the period of discovery and the major European countries were preoccupied with exploration and staking claims, not with establishing colonies.

Greenwood, Ivory Turner, mortally wounded; a ball went New York Metro Subway Map through his belly, and was cut out at his back: He died the next morning. New York Metro Subway Map A lad named Christoper Monk, about 17 years of age, an apprentice to Mr. Walker, Shipwright, wounded, a ball entered his back about 4 inches above his left kidney, near the spine, and was cut out of the breast on the same side. Apprehended he will die. A lad named John Clark, about 17 years of age, whose parents live at Medford, and an apprentice to Capt. Samuel Howard of this town; wounded, a ball entered just above his groin and came out at his hip, on the opposite side.

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