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Where is New York? Where is it in the world? It is one of the most important regions of America, close to Canada and Europe in North America.

Wall Street quickly became the synonym of New York’s Financial District. In Touch times, a wall extended here protecting against English and Aiden get a tax giving, this part of the city It’s name. Today the headquarters of the biggest banks and offices of several other financial and legal organizations are here. The stock Palace of the city the New York Stock Exchange is not only the most significant such building in the world. But also the oldest David and 1792 George bost Blanda present building in 1903.

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Modeled on Roman churches those are interested can watch the Milling from the round gallery of the four major Hall. On weekdays an exhibition illustrating the history of the stock exchange can be seen on the third floor. Most of Greenwich Village visitors, that reminds them of the Latin quarter in Paris or Soho in London. First Dutch settlers chase away the native Mohawk Indians and establish tobacco plantations here. They we’re followed by the Englishi who named the village settlement after their Greenwich next to the 10. The quarter still preserve some of It’s former Village atmosphere perhaps this is why artist also flock to it in New York. With every step the tourist tracks, his great ancestors and this is true to an even greater extent here in the village. Hear Live Theater dreicer Edgar Allan, Poe Henry, James John, Dos Passos, Sinclair Lewis, Williams Byron and Edward Albee.

The likes of Bob Dylani Barbra Streisand and Joan Baez started their path towards World Fame from the stages of Off-Broadway. The Villages newspapers we’re the first to publish the novels of John Updike and Tom Wolfe Poems by Allen Ginsberg. The art quarter is famous for It’s cafes bars music clubs A helicopter tour is a great adventure in New York. We can see even the Empire State Building from above the streets of Manhattan the East River the Hudson River and the islands seem like a map below us. Battery Park is the green area of Manhattan Southern corner in the Dutch settlers time women here said goodbye to their husbands going abroad. What are the statues standing here reminds us of Verrazano. The Florentine sailor and discover the bay the other of James Fenimore Cooper the world famous writer of Indian and adventure stories.

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