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1682 William Penn, the proprietor of the Quaker colony of Niger Subway Map Pennsylvania, petitions the Duke of York for the pieces of New York on the west side of Niger Subway Map the Delaware River and is given a charter for them. Late in the year, representatives from Delaware vote to join Pennsylvania. William Penn and Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of Maryland, will clash intermittently over the boundaries of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. 16881689 James II of England, the former Duke of York and William Penn’s close friend, flees England.

William of Orange, the stadholder of the Netherlands, and his wife Mary assume the throne of England. Many of the former king’s friends, including Penn, end up in jail. Penn is eventually released, but during his absence, the colony of Delaware all but secedes from Pennsylvania for a period of three years. Penn attempts to calm the situation by appointing a separate governor for the Lower Counties. The Lower Counties have developed along slightly different lines than Pennsylvania and contain a much higher percentage of Anglicans than the more heavily Quaker north.

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