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Re-imagining Dutch Urban Life: The Blue House in Amsterdam’, Zara Stanhope examines The Blue House (Het Blauwe Huis) project by the Dutch artist Jeanne van Heeswijk. This social art project is located in the new urban development of Haveneiland, Ijburg, which is part of Amsterdam’s geographical expansion in response to global and local population pressures.

The chapter examines The Blue House as a site-related art project that creates analytical and discursive relationships to urban life through a responsive and reflexive form of cultural production. It explores, and problematizes, the potential of The Blue House for raising awareness of the local and global significance of relationality between hosts and guests, citizens and non-citizens, self and others and the methods involved in researching the social relations of independent urban interventions.

The broad-based practice of clearing steep slopes for fuel Netherlands Metro Map and farming has resulted in a monumental environmental disaster. As a result of deforestation, erosion is Netherlands Metro Map widespread. There are few mineral resources of commercial value, and Haiti has no fossil fuels. Because precipitation is extremely seasonal, river flow is During Haiti’s summers, conditions are hot, wet, and humid, and the landscape is lush. During the winter, however, the land becomes parched and needs to be irrigated. unreliable.

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