Norway to London Great Getaway Destinations for The Whole Family

If you plan on taking the family for a much needed holidays this June, there are a lot of exciting venues all around the world that would fit the bill nicely. To help in your travel plans, here are 5 really awesome getaway destinations that would appeal to anyone irrespective of age.

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Oslo, Norway

For an unforgettable family experience on the water, there is no better place than on the Oslo Fjord. A cruise on the fjord affords the whole family a time to recover from the hassles of work and school and catch up some much needed quality relaxation. Incidentally, Norway has one of the world’s most spectacular archipelagos, which makes a visit to Norway unforgettable. Circus Event who put on Cruises and Events in Olso provide one of the most memorable fjord excursions in Oslo. And what’s more? You can make stops along the way to enjoy a series of attractions and competitions.

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London, UK

London is undoubtedly the crown jewel of the British Empire. In its centuries of existence, it has earned a fame that is equally historical and modern. As a result, this ancient city is the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. Kids will be totally thrilled with the Harry Potter tour where they can experience firsthand the making of one of the most popular fantasy movies of all time. The whole family will also enjoy the age old changing of the guard tradition at Buckingham palace. And if you would rather sit down someplace and watch things happen around you, there is probably no better place to do so in the whole of London than at Hyde Park.

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Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in Indonesia. This island province is a favorite for families who are looking for a place to just relax and enjoy the beach. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover just how much fun it is to frolic in the sand and splash in the sea. The kids will have enough places to climb and jump without fear of injury. Don’t forget the warm hospitality of the locals which makes Bali a great place to shop for travel souvenirs. Adults will enjoy the several bars that dot the island and the number of yoga parlours where you can go to connect with the inner you.

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Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is arguably Thailand’s best known resort destination. This is one of the best places for the family to relax, have a good time and get recharged after the stress of school and work. There are several beach locations in Phuket where the whole family can catch fun including the renowned Bang Thao Beach. The kids will definitely have the time of their lives splashing and sliding in Phuket’s Splash Jungle. And if the family needs something more exotic, a visit to Siam Niramit will provide the perfect opportunity to watch Thailand’s history as it unfolds in vivid colours.

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Melbourne, Australia

The beautiful seaside city of Melbourne will provide a lot of charm for the whole family. Renowned for its beautiful art and inspiring music, a visit to Melbourne will surely meet your need for an exciting and relaxing getaway for the coming holidays. There are enough places to have fun including the wide expanse of beaches and nature spots. Before you leave, make sure you visit the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel where you can enjoy a ride that would give you a spectacular view of the whole countryside.

Plan your holidays for any of the above 5 destinations and take the family on a memorable trip this June.

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