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Edison Birthplace Museum- Located in Milan, Ohio, this historic home was the place where American inventor Thomas Edison was born in 1847. The home has been restored to its 19th century appearance and is open for tours.

Another key concern for women using public transport is safety. A high incidence of verbal and physical abuse, pickpocketing, and bag snatching discourages women and girls from using public amenities. As a result, they are denied equal access to economic, social, and cultural opportunities.

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Addressing concerns of public transport access to services and jobs and improved walkability can encourage women, the elderly, and people with disabilities to participate more fully in economic, social, and political activities. Connected places are therefore critical in reducing the isolation, vulnerability, and dependency of these groups. Effective action would improve the lives of many of the world’s most economically weak citizens.

Community Identity, Social Interaction, and Place Making

Much research has shown that social space can be impaired by high-speed car traffic and a car-dominated environment. Appleyard’s study in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela, was the first of its kind to demonstrate that the sense of community on streets is stronger with less traffic. This is a consequence of greater interaction between neighbors and a better social environment in general.

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