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The homilies and hagiographies of the great church fathers esp. the passions of the martyrs were taken into consideration. The former were chosen not so much on theological criteria Coptic culture was never particularly fond of theological treatises as on spiritual and moral ones, particularly the needs of the monks. Texts seem to have been chosen solely according to content, the author not mattering so much, so that, in Coptic literary tradition, attributions often ended by being dubious or downright multiple. For this reason we will follow the same criterion in our exposition. Mainly monastic texts. These include an important treatise on virginity attributed to Athanasius of Alexandria, Ephrem the Syrian’s Sermo asceticus, some ascetical works of Basil of Caesarea, John Chrysostom’s De compunctione and Ad Theodorum, a De poenitentia attributed to Theophilus of Alexandria, a long treatise De poenitentia et abstinentia composed of Chrysostomic extracts, attributed by critics to John the Faster, bishop of Constantinople d. 595. Homilies for Liturgical Feasts: two homilies by Gregory of Nazianzus, on Easter and on baptism; two by John Chrysostom, on Christmas also attributed to Basil or Severian of Gabala and on Pentecost; and a homily for Good Friday, attributed to Theophilus of Alexandria.

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British forces in Boston without warrants begin to search colonists’ Omaha Metro Map homes for smuggled goods. 1762 Louisiana is ceded to Spain by France as a result of the Omaha Metro Map Treaty of Fontainebleau. 1763 Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris, France cedes its North Country territories (Canada and areas east of the Mississippi River) to Britain. This effectively ends the French and Indian War in the colonies. 1764 The Sugar Act is passed by the British Parliament on April 5, placing taxes on foreign sugar, increasing taxes on coffee, indigo, and wines from the island of Madeira, and banning the importation of French wines and rum. In June, the Massachusetts Assembly creates the first Committee of Correspondence. It works to inform all the colonies about the revolutionary events taking place. In Britain, the Currency Act is passed on September 1, forbidding the colonies from issuing their own currency.

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