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CONTRA ORIGENEM DE VISIONE ISAIAE. This short work, preserved in Latin and discovered by A.M. Amelli in 1901, refutes the interpretation given by Origen of Isaiah’s vision in Is 6. Its criticisms are many and are expressed in no uncertain terms, esp. against Origen’s seeing the two seraphim as the Son and the Spirit; like Jerome, the author understands that Origen has made them creatures. Amelli saw it as a work of Jerome, written at Constantinople in 381, when he stayed with Gregory of Nazianzus: but Jerome could not have written it at a time when he still greatly admired Origen. Dietsche attributed it to Didymus, retouched by Theophilus of Alexandria and translated by Jerome: but we see no reason to bring the “Origenist” Didymus in. Most authors Diekamp, Altaner, Chavoutier attribute the work to Theophilus and the translation to Jerome, after 393.

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1662 A Virginia law mandates that children should follow the condition Birmingham Map of their mother; therefore, the children of slaves become slaves. 1664 Maryland enacts a law Birmingham Map preventing miscegenation between Africans and English people. Other colonies add similar laws throughout the colonial period, reflecting a fear of race mixing. 1674–1677 During this three-year stretch, the English and the Iroquois come to an agreement known as the Covenant Chain, through which each group can increase its power. The Iroquois receive special trade privileges from the English so long as they remain allied to the English and provide security against the Algonquin. The Covenant Chain benefits both the English and the Iroquois but spells disaster for Native Country peoples who are not part of the chain. The Iroquois step up raids, particularly in the Illinois country.

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