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Yet another EVP was recorded on the top floor of the jail in the section called solitary confinement. I had asked if Elton Baldwin, the man who axed his mother, was near. A quick “yes” was recorded. I continued my questions, asking if he had hit her four times in the head. Within a second a there was a clear response, “Crazy.” This single word summed up what most people thought when the name Elton Baldwin came up, crazy.

It seems that Lorena and I may have received a few responses during the time we were reading the words and names etched in the cell walls. After Lorena spoke the name of Robert (Red), Ridder, a voice repeated, “Red.”

I called out the name of Bob Horton and received another one word response, this one said “Horton.”

Moments after Lorena called out the name of Douglas Tomkinson. A single word was recorded, “No!” It seems the spirit that remained wanted us to know he was not Douglas Tomkinson. Too bad he didn’t say who he was.

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