Vienna is divided into 23 districts (Bezirke). The first is the Innenstadt (city cen ter), defined by the RingstraBe on three sides and the Danube Canal on the fourth. The RingstraBe (or “Ring”) consists of many different segments, each with its own name, such as Opemring or Kamtner Ring. Many of Vienna’s major attractions are in District I and immediately around the Ringstrafie. Districts II-IX spread out from the city center following the clockwise traffic of the Ring. The remaining dis tricts expand from yet another ring, the Gurtel (“belt”). Like the Ring, this major thoroughfare has numerous segments, including Margaretengiirtel, Wahringer Gurtel, and Neubaugurtel. Street signs indicate the district number in Roman or Arabic numerals before the street and number. Let’s Go includes district numbers for establishments in Roman numerals before the street address.

Public transportation: call 790 91 00 for general info. The subway (U-Bahn), tram (StraSenbahn), elevated train (S-Bahn), and bus lines operate under one ticket sys tem. A single fare (2 on board; 1.50 in advance from a ticket machine, ticket office, or tobacco shop) lets you travel to any destination in the city and switch from bus to U-Bahn to tram to S-Bahn, as long as your travel is uninterrupted. To validate a ticket, punch it in the machine upon entering the first vehicle, but don’t stamp it again when you switch trains. Otherwise, plainclothes inspectors may fine you 60. Other ticket options (available at the same places as pre-purchased single tickets) are a 24hr. pass (5), a 3-day “rover” ticket (12), a 7-day pass (12.50; valid M 9am to the next M 9am), or an 8-day pass (24; valid any 8 days, not necessarily consecutive; valid also for several people traveling together). The Vienna Card (16.90) offers free travel for 72hr. as well as discounts at sights and events. Regu lar trams and subway cars stop running between midnight and 5am. Nightbuses run every 30min. along most routes; “N” signs designate night bus stops. (Single fare 1.50; day transport passes not valid.) A complete night bus schedule is available at bus counters in U-Bahn stations.

Taxis: 313 00, 401 00, 601 60, or 814 00. Stands at Westbahnhof, Sudbahnhof, Karlspl. in the city center, and by the Bermuda Dreieck for late-night revelers. Accred ited taxis have yellow-and-black signs on the roof. Rates generally run 2 plus 0.20 per km; slightly more expensive holidays and from llpm-6am.

Car Rental: Avis, I, Opernring 3-5 ( 587 62 41). Open M-F 7am-8pm, Sa 8am-2pm, Su 8am-lpm. Hertz (700 73 26 61), at the airport. Open M-F 7:15am-llpm, Sa 8am- 8pm, Su 8am-llpm.

Bike Rental: Pedal Power, II, Ausstellungsstr. 3 ( 729 72 34). Rents bikes (4 per hr. 32 for 24hr. with delivery) and offers bike tours (19-23). Student and Vienna Card discounts. Open May-Oct. daily 8am-8pm. Pick up Vienna By Bike at the tourist office.


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