Paraguayan Chains

If you’re pressed for cash or time, these Paraguayan chains have locations throughout Asuncion and are great options for a quick bite, including many traditional Paraguayan dishes, at affordable prices. Plus, all of them deliver!

Na Eustaquia This popular chain offers traditional home-style Paraguayan snacks for those who don’t have time to make them at home. The mbeju quatro quesos is a cheese and starch

bomb that can’t be missed (but may be best shared between two people). The chipa ryguazu (chicken filled chipa) has a dry tamale-like consistency that’s very good. The main location has a full menu with traditional lunch specials. Tel: 021 297 480/1, Delivery 021 624 724, Palma and Alberdi (across from Senatur Office) and stands in Shopping Villa Morra and Shopping del Sol (for other locations see website),, Palma location 9am-12am, Gs 4,000-20,000 ~

Pancholos Pancholos, with its terere sipping, straw hat wearing parrot mascot, has all the regular fast food offerings – hamburgers, lomitos, pizzas as well as a wide range of pastas. Pizzas are very tasty, especially the pepperoni and the chicken curry. Tel: 021 600 660, 021600 408, Palma between 14 de Mayo and 15 de Agosto, Shopping del Sol, Shopping Mariscal Lopez, Mall Excelsior,, Gs. 4,000-45,000

Don Vito Cheap and filling, Don Vito empanadas are round, fried disks of goodness. If you’re sick of ground beef or ham and cheese empanadas try their empanadas de choclo (corn), acelga (kale and cheese), and caprese (tomatoes, mozzarella and basil). Tel: 021 602 489, Shopping del Sol, Shopping Mariscal Lopez, and various other locations throughout Asuncion,, Gs 2,500

Hermanas Feliciana Farina Selling every variation of chipa imaginable, the Hermanas are perhaps best known for their bags of chipa piru (also known as “chipitas”). Literally “skinny chipa” in Guarani, these miniature versions of chipa make great snacks. For those wishing to take a taste of Paraguay back home with them, chipitas are your best option – they travel and keep well. Tel: 021 449 201, 14 de Mayo and Estrella and Shopping Mariscal Lopez (parking lot food court),, Gs. 4,000-12,000

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