Paul Revere House US Map & Phone & Address

Paul Revere House US Map & Phone & Address

19 North Square, Boston; (617) 523-2338

You know, the place where the guy slept when he wasn’t out riding. It’s also the oldest building in the city of Boston, right in the lively North End. Admission is $2.50, students and seniors $2, children age five to seventeen, $1. The house is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 5:15 P.M. April 15 through October 31. The rest of the year it closes an hour earlier, and it’s closed on Mondays in January, February, and March.

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An interesting dive can be made on the top of the Oxscar, with lots of life on and around it. Tidal streams rip over and around the east and west sides, so the best time to dive is definitely at low slack water or on neap tides. The sides of Oxscar at the east and southern ends have very steep, almost cliff-like rock-slopes down to 14 or 15 metres with the east side covered in a variety of marine growths, including soft corals and short weed. The top of the rock resembles a mini-volcano, as it is hollowed out with a canyon about 5 metres deep by 30 metres long, and lots of lumps of tangled wreckage have collected in the centre. It is well worth a rake about among the lumps of debris: very often you stand to pick up a few decent-sized edible crabs. To the west and northwest of Oxscar there are a number of large boulders with lots of soft corals on them and a kelp forest at 6 metres. Twenty metres out from the Oxscar on the NNE end is a ship’s boiler at 15 metres, with the seabed thick with anemones and soft corals clinging to the small rocks, making it a bright and pretty dive, but with very strong currents in both directions. Lots of prawns and shrimps can be found amongst the rocks. This is definitely a slack, low water dive site. Mill Bus covers a fairly large area but at the northern end there are two large reefs about 250 metres long that stand 5-8 metres high, running east to west.

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