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Peru was once known as the heart of the Incan Empire it covers most of western South America.

So that mountain is fabulous. I’m going home with a much greater understanding of the country, and culture the Incan culture was short-lived but its footprint is still magically recognizable throughout Peru amazing, and the people of Peru are amazing too the Andean Lupin is harvested for its beam he’s like a little things like that look at the chocho being was domesticated by the Incan people as a powerful source of protein actually my name’s come from the Kichwa name which means tori Anka Gramp. I used to call me like a golden eagle.

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So they call me Cory still at home as, and young women. I love to show the authenticity of our country. So my travel is my friend can take with them in their heart but of Peru but of Cusco.

This is signora Florida when I see you the potato is believed to have originated in southern peru dating as far back as BC, it’s been bred into over four thousand varieties with a story for each one the effort that they put into making a life here is really impressive a hard day’s work has its grateful rewards with this local brew called chicha the schoolchildren greet visitors with smiles, and open hearts they’ve prepared a theatrical performance that’s hungry for an audience language virtual which is a major language, and spanish who you hanging ont while your own body shake spiky white clay hey Maya Thomas Kincaid super villain Dodger each re young. I purchase can you abouna memory what a nigga na the children share their aspirations, and gratitude the people are wonderful the places we saw are just absolutely fabulous you can’t even describe the countryside when you see it seeing. How the people of the countryside really live which is something you don’t get to do with everybody from the highlands to the sacred valley from the Incans to the catch you up the eye-opening encounters of Peru past, and Peru presence will change everyone who visits.

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