Peterhof Palace Garden St. Petersburg Russia

The grand palace at peterhof stands in, acres of parkland on the outskirts of st. Petersburg overlooking the Gulf of Finland construction began in around under Peter the Great, and was continued by his daughter, and pres Elizabeth, and her great architecture. Australia who expanded the whole park into a magnificent estate pieter hoff is most famous for its magnificent fountains Peter the Great was inspired to create these by a visit to France.

Peterhof Palace Garden St. Petersburg Russia Photo Gallery

In on returning to Pieter Hoff he began construction of a water supply system some miles away there are fountains in the park fed by miles of pipe work but incredibly not a single pump all are entirely gravity-fed the break Cascade is one of the largest, and most impressive fountain groups in the world with more than fountains, and many gold statues, and water jets water falls over the marble steps down the terrace passing to shell lined bottoms.

And, tumbling into a large pool containing the huge statue of Samson opening the jaws of a lion from which the water jerks that meters is the highest at peterhof Tritan fountain in the orange tree garden depicts Triton fighting a sea monster surrounded by four turtles, and was designed by Rastrelli in the chessboard or dragon hill cascade was one of the first fountains to be built in the park the brightly colored dragons were added in there are many other wonders still to be seen at peterhof including smaller palaces, and churches minnetarees, and aviaries, and even trick fountains on the restoration still continues today you.

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