Saudi Arabia Language

A Saudi road sign in both Arabic and English

Did you know?

More than 200 million people speak Arabic as their first language.

These Saudi schoolboys live in the northeast part of the country.

Work Oil is the most important industry in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Language Photo Gallery

Much of the world gets its oil from Saudi Arabia’s huge underground supply. Oil Bank workers in RiVadh check the stock markets on their computers. companies from other countries, including the United States, pay the Saudi government for its oil. The oil industry hires many Saudis to drill for, clean, and ship oil around the world.

Another important industry is construction. Many Saudis work constructing buildings, roads, and more. Others mine for gold, silver, lead, and copper. Some make crafts such as weaving and embroidery. Others fish for a living. Because of a lack of rainfall, only a few Saudis work in farming.

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