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Later that afternoon he asked the jail officers if he could go to the bank and withdraw some money. “I think I ought to bury her,” is what he said. Of course, he was not given permission but acting Sheriff Volney Ferris agreed to handle the transfer of money for Mrs. Baldwin’s burial.

The next day Elton Baldwin pled guilty to the murder of his mother in the Allegan courthouse. Reports say that, throughout the proceedings, Elton continued to remain nonchalant, unemotional, as though he either didn’t care or didn’t understand the seriousness of the crime. In fact, at one point, he told his attorney he wanted proceedings over with as soon as possible. When asked why, his response was that he wanted to go hunting in the Upper Peninsula and the quicker he served his time in prison the sooner he could go up north.

When he took a temporary tutoring position with the Carter family Philippines Map , he was surprised at the elegant, cultured lifestyle he encountered. Fitian’s journal gives Philippines Map an account of life in a gentleman’s household, the education of his children, and the recreational activities of his family and neighbors. Monday, November 1. We began school. The school consists of eight. Two of Mr.

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