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COMMODIAN. Probably the most enigmatic poet of Christian antiquity. The dating of his two works, the Instructiones and the Carmen apologeticum, which burst upon the history of Latin poetry like a dark sun soleil noir Fontaine, was at the center of critical debate for three centuries, developing in two directions. The early date, no longer considered, is represented by scholars such as Katwijc, Blumenkranz, Simonetti, Thraede, Salvatore, Gag©, Alfldy, Fontaine and Poinsotte, who put the composition of the two works in the mid-3rd c. at the time of Decius’s persecutions Martin pushes the date back to the 1st decade of the 4th c. Ferrari to the 4th c.. The later date is represented by scholars such as Brewer, Hermann, Courcelle, Krestan and Sirago, who, on the basis of presumed references to the barbarian invasions in his works, opt for the 5th c. The enigmatic inscriptio of Instr. 2, 35, nomen Gasaei, has also been variously interpreted by critics: Gaseus would be a proper name or, changed to Gazeus, could even indicate Commodian’s provenance from Gaza in Palestine. Gaseus has also been interpreted as custos aerarii community treasurer or as poet by Sigwalt and by Salvatore, who defends this interpretation in light of the connection between the inscriptio and the poem’s contents, in particular the last two verses Omnia non possum comprehendere parvo libello Curiositas docti inveniet nomen in isto. In fact the poet’s name is contained in the acrostic Commodianus mendicus Christi, obtained by reading the initial letters of the verses from bottom to top. Also debated is the question of Commodian’s birthplace and where he lived: Gaul Narbonense Brewer, Rome Martin, Syria Opelt or Africa for most.

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Outdoors, pepper trees line the long entrance drive that leads Portland Metro Map to an expansive lawn with tables and an arbor-shaded veranda excellent spots for a picnic and Portland Metro Map observing ranch life firsthand. OF SPECIAL NOTE: Open house during Santa Barbara County Vintner’s Festival (weekends in April and October). Annual Crush Party (September). Deli items sold on-site. Limited Selection wines available only in tasting room. NEARBY ATTRACTIONS: Windhaven Glider Rides; historic Mission Santa Ines; Santa Ynez Valley Historical Society Museum (early California exhibits, carriage house, gift shop); Cachuma Lake (county park with boating, fishing, nature cruises).

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